The Bank 2's entrance.

Bank 2 is a remake of the old Bank map. It consists of a lobby, a waiting room, a bank teller room, a vault, some offices, a meeting room, and air vents. It is quite hard to escape the murderer when they are chasing you, as the rooms have little space, and some of the hallways have moveable doors that take 3 seconds to open when you touch them.

The main feature is a metal detector connecting the vault with the bank teller room. The other ones are left open.

If anyone that has a concealed weapon walks through the detector, a loud beeping sound will commence and the lights will flash red. Anyone nearby that can see this will be notified. Only a Hero, Sheriff or Murderer can trigger these,

Behind the door, a vault is located. Only someone inside the vault can open the vault doors, leading to the other side.

Hiding Spots

  • In the gaps between the cubicles and the wall
  • Behind the door in the room in the hallways near the stairs
  • In the locked room in the hallways near the stairs (entering by going through the wardrobe in the other room)
  • In the closets inside the vault
  • In the closets in the waiting room
  • In the closet in the meeting room


  • This is the only map where you can tell who the murderer or sheriff is without looking at their gun or knife.
  • The metal-detector is located only in the hallway connecting the bank teller room and the vault.