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The Bank's main room.

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Metal detectors.

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The lights will flash red if someone with a weapon walks through the metal detectors.


The Bank is no longer a map on Murder Mystery 2 and is replaced by Bank 2

The main feature is a metal detector connecting the main rooms with the air vents. The doorway to the bathroom is left open.

If anyone that has a concealed weapon walks through these detectors, a loud beeping sound will commence and the lights will flash red. Anyone nearby that can see this will be notified. Only a Hero, Sheriff or Murderer can trigger these,

A vent near a detector can be avoided if you stick to the wall and slide across.

Behind the door, a vault is located. Only someone with a gun can open the vault doors, leading to the other side.

Hiding Spots

  • Behind the chair in the main room and /e sit.
  • Behind the cabinet in the room near the entrance to the vault
  • in one of the lockers in the vault
  • in the gaps between the cubicle and the wall
  • in the entrance to the vault
  • in the rooms in the hallways near the stairs
  • In the closets filled with Robux and Tix. (In the Vault)


  • This was the only map where you can tell who the murderer or sheriff is without looking at their gun or knife.
  • The metal-detectors are located only in the main room. However, a vaulted doorway where a gun-holder has a metal-detector in the area where you can open the vault door if you are the sheriff at the respective round.
  • This map had the highest coin spawn rate.
  • This map has been discontinued in 2018; being replaced with Bank 2. Bank 2 is basically the same map except some of the rooms have different things in them (the main room has less space, there is only one metal detector in the map, etc.). There are also less hiding spots on the map.